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I'd like to thank everyone for your support, the kind words, and for submitting these testimonials on my behalf, as well as on behalf of the breed, but most of all - Thanks for taking care of and loving my babies!
- Submitted by Paul and Otis -
I am so pleased with the choice I made in adding an American Bullnese pup to our family. I had done much research in trying to find the "perfect" dog to purchase.  And after talking to Lisa on the phone, the decision was made. Not ever having a puppy so young, she answered all of my questions so I felt well prepared when he arrived in NY. The puppy even came up with a care package of some favorite toys he had become fond of. I strongly recommend a bullnese pup for its wonderful temperment, and  even more highly recommend Lisa as the breeder to contact and deal with in choosing one.

 -Submitted by Scott and Mindy Nethercutt-
After our pug died this past January, we researched different breeds and came across the bullnese. We were looking for a smaller dog that would be a good family pet and adapt well to our other dog. Lisa was listed on the website as a breeder and we contacted her to find more about the litter her dog was having. Lisa ended up being the perfect choice. She kept in contact with us throughout Cali's pregnancy and alerted us when the puppies were born. Lisa posted pictures quickly so we could choose  our puppy, Petunia, Lisa gave us a packet of information as well as several other items. It was like Christmas! We would definitely recommend Lisa if you are looking for someone who is conscientious and caring about the puppies she breeds. She well exceeded our expectations!

- Submitted by Teresa and Briscoe of Birmingham -
I can wholeheartedly and completely recommend both the Bullnese breed and Lisa Simmons as a breeder. After months of searching for the right dog for our family, we were thrilled to learn about the Bullnese. With this breed, we found what we were  looking for - a fun loving dog that sheds only moderately and adapts to our busy lifestyle! Our dog Briscoe has such fun and sweet temperament, and has been super smart and easy to train. Briscoe never meets a stranger and is friendly to all. With a house full of children and a crazy schedule, his easy-going nature, adaptability and constant love have been so appreciated!

Working with Lisa was also a joy. She really went the extra mile in everything - from answering three million detailed questions with patience and accuracy, to working with us when there were troubles with flight times for the dog, to providing us with a ton of extras, to giving us such a precious and easy addition to our family! You won't regret working with Lisa Simmons.

- Submitted by The Greaves Family -
We found the experience of getting our puppy from Lisa Simmons to be wonderful. She kept in touch and answered every question we had. My family loved getting her regular e-mails and pictures. She spent several days trying to have the best traveling  situation for our family and our puppy. Once we got our puppy it was obvious to us what great care she had. She came on a flight with several other puppies from across the country and none looked like they had faired as well, and our puppy came with  information and a care package. None of the other puppies on the flight did. Lisa was so concerned she stayed up almost all night to make sure all puppies got to their destination. She then e-mailed up to remind us when the heartworm medication was due. We greatly appreciate all the care and we are sure that our puppies great personality has to do with her early care.

We would quickly recommend Lisa Simmons as breeder of Bullnese and if we wanted a second dog we would consider getting another from Lisa.

- Submitted by Jennifer in California -
I am unbelievably happy with our Bullnese puppy. He is a very intelligent puppy and learns very quickly. He also has a very stocky build making him a good representative of the breed. Both of these issues convince me that Lisa is doing an excellent job  in breeding healthy, intelligent, quality puppies. I was also very surprised by the fact that he was partially potty trained at 8 weeks old! Our puppy is very well tempered and playful. He is also smart and obedient. I don't forsee any training issues. Lisa was great at keeping us posted with the latest information and photos. I highly recommend her as a breeder and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another Bullnese puppy from her.

- Submitted by Will and Robby of WA -
My wife and I were originally living in CA before we moved to WA. With this move to a completely new area, my wife was going to be quiet a distance from her friends and family. So after some thinking, we decided that getting puppies would be something that would benefit us. They would give my wife something to take care of during the day, since she was giving up a full time job moving up here to be a stay at home wife; also, they would  kinda be a  little  bit of  practice in patience, since we  were  also considering having children soon. Looking around  on  the internet  for puppies was kind of depressing actually. We were seeing puppies for more than I paid for my first truck. That and many of the long standing pure breeds had a laundry list of medical issues. So we decided to research the newer hybrid breeds. We wanted dogs that would be healthy and happy for many years. When we came upon the bullnese breed, i was immediately done looking. It took a bit to get my wife to come around. They had all the physical features i like about the bull dog breeds, but in a smaller dog and minus the list major health issues. When we contacted Lisa about litter information and price, we were both surprised at how reasonably priced puppies were. Lisa was very enthusiastic about the breed and provided us with plenty of information for us to make an educated decision. We decided to purchase our male bullnese, Russ, as soon as Lisa had a litter that was available. Lisa kept us up to date on everything that was going on with the puppy through emails and videos. When Russ arrived, she had also sent us some things from back home to aide in the transition to our home. What to me, sets a good breeder apart from a great breeder is follow up contact. Lisa has contacted us an several occasions to ask about how Russ is doing and the rest of our family as well. A statement that really sums up how we feel about the process we went through getting Russ that my wife said was that, "We didn't just buy a puppy and get a pet. We added an irreplaceable member to our family and were adopted into a community."

A little bit about Russ. He has been such a blessing to our family. I've had to leave home for extended periods of time on numerous occasions and I know that his presence kept my wife strong through those times. When I'm not around he is a "protector" of my wife and he is very emotionally attached to people. When some one cries, he starts whining until they are happy. When something isn't right, Russ is ever on the alert, sounding the alarm. haha. He is a great family dog and, to me, everything i wanted out of a dog, and so much that i didn't know that we needed. A bullnese really adds another member to the family. They have all the peronality of a person, the heart of a bulldog, and the energy of a child; all wrapped in a small furry package.

- Submitted by Arlyn -
My brother and his wife decided that they wanted a dog shortly after they were married in 2008. My sister-n-law did a lot of research and discovered the Bulnese breed online. She was in regular touch with Lisa and was anxiously awaiting Ramsay's arrival. In the meantime, I had been considering getting a dog myself, but kept wondering if it would be too much responsibility for a single person (especially because I thought I wanted a larger breed.) My sister-n-law informed me that there was a lone puppy for sale from the litter that Ramsay was coming from and that I should check her out. I immediately fell in love and contacted Lisa.

Ramsay and Phoebe arrived on the same flight on a freezing cold day in February of 2009; they were 9 weeks old. Phoebe has been my constant companion ever since. She is much smaller than her brother (she is 19 pounds, he is 24), has a slightly longer  muzzle and longer fur, loves to take walks with me (2.5 miles/day), loves the snow and the beach, loves children and other animals, rides well in the car, and requires very little maintanance overall. I exposed her to many different animals and people when she was just a puppy so she would learn quickly to like children and animals. For me, it was definitely the smart decision to go with the American Bulnese. Phoebe was easy to train and has become incredibly loyal to me. She loves to sit on my lap; they are definitely lap dogs. Phoebe does shed quite a bit, but that is the only "complaint" I would have, if you could consider that a complaint since many dogs shed. She is anxious around strange people, but calms down if the person is receptive and friendly  to her. I've found that cheese is a remarkable training tool.

I can tell that Lisa is a very responsible and caring breeder. Not only were the dogs sent with love (and instructive, loving care packages as well), but she has kept in regular touch through email and facebook to see how the dogs are doing. I would definitely buy another dog from Lisa.

People stop me  ALL THE TIME  to ask what kind of dog Phoebe is because she is so unique looking. Most people mistake her for a pug, but I'm quick to correct them. All my friends have fallen in love with her, and I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

- Submitted by The Bottchers of Massachusetts -
When we had decided to start looking for a dog to add to our family, I had spent months researching different breeds of dogs. I finally stumbled upon the American Bullnese. From the basic information and pictures I had found, this breed looked like it could possibly be the breed I was searching for. However, I still had some questions. So, after searching for breeders of American Bullnese dogs, I randomly selected Lisa as the breeder that I would pose my questions to (and boy am I glad I did!). I had to make sure that this specific breed of dog would fit into our family and our lifestyle. With each e-mail I sent I received a prompt answer which addressed each of  my questions thoroughly and with examples from her previous experiences. As our e-mail  conversations progressed, I became more positive that this breed was for us and that Lisa was the breeder that we would use.

Luckily, Lisa had a litter available when our e-mail conversations began. The prices were very reasonable and we were kept updated with pictures and information on our chosen puppies often. Each of her puppies comes home with a care package-which included a favorite toy and a small blanket.

We couldn't be happier with Ramsay, our American Bullnese, or with Lisa and her breeding program. I know that we have found the breed of dog for us and the breeder for that matter. I highly recommend Lisa Simmons' breeding program if you are looking for a "dog-on-cute, little big dog". I can assure you that you will not regret it!

- Submitted by Jody -
Never did I think I would purchase a puppy across the internet but having seen the joy my son and daughter-n-law received from their 2 bullneses I knew that's what I would have to do if I wanted to find one. It was the timing of the puppy delivery and a stroke of good fortune that led me to the Luvabullnese website in 2008. Frango, our first puppy, is like the first baby that is perfect and spoils you for all the rest.  She is and always has been affectionate, easy-going, attentive, obedient, gentle with toys and everything else, protective of babies and sensitive to your feelings. She has never had her own agenda and is up for anything at anytime. She wakes up in the morning, bounces off the bed and runs to get a ball to throw at me for an early game of catch/fetch before I get out of bed!

We have had such a wonderful time with Frango that we wanted to adopt a sibling from Frango's parents' next litter for company for Frango while home alone much of the day. Thus, along came Rosco! Lisa, you know your puppies! Everything you told us about Frango was right on target, from anticipated size to the anticipated temperament. "Mellow and sweet" come to mind as the most telling of your descriptors. Well, you were also on the money with Rosco! You said that, though he was the runt of the litter, actually the smallest pup you had seen up to that time, that he could hold his own with his siblings and seemed just as happy playing by himself as with the others.

It's so interesting to see how this has panned out over the last 6 months. Actually he's no longer a "runt". He weighs in at 20 pounds, compared to Frango's 21+. He is 10+ inches at his shoulders, compared to Frango's 9 1/2. He's very independent minded and likes to go off by himself when he can, even if it's just to the other side of the room. He loves to be cuddled when he comes looking for hugs but if you're looking for a hug he might run away. He and Frango play together with great gusto, then crash to rest for the next round. They're so sweet together at the end of the day. They lick each other's faces and ears before bedtime, but only then. Rosco loves to play with all of his toys and tug-of-war with Frango sounds rather serious but they love it. He's very sociable when his cousins come around (there are 6 other dogs in the family, including 2 Bullnese and 2 pugs) as he wants to be part of the action! Howeverk he's not as fast or agile as Frango. He's also slower on the stairs.

 Just like with kids, it's hard to believe these 2 had the same parents. They're both precious in different ways and still they get along well and keep each other company.  And they're developing mutual respect for boundaries and temperament. Not may people seem to be aware of this breed but we've been stopped so many times on walks and at the bark park with inquiries about the breed. We love to share stories about our pups and also about where they came from. Lisa, I don't think there's another breeder out there as knowledgable and passionate about their puppies as you are. You helped us immensely through a difficult time in selecting our puppies from such a distance and you've been there every step of the way since then. Amazing! We're quite fortunate and thankful for you and all that you do.

- Submitted by Mary Adams of New London, Ct -
I bought my second and third Bullnese from Lisa Simmons and her family at Luvabullnese. They were sisters and were purchased as a pair. Because I was already a Bullnese owner and a fan of the breed my main objective was really finding a good reputable breeder. When I purchased my first Bullnese Lisa hadn't formed her breeding program quite yet so I was at the mercy of just taking what I could get from whom I could get it from. I was delighted when I found Lisa and discovered that she was far more than just a Bullnese breeder who was in the business of breeding puppies for monetary gain, In fact, she couldn't be more opposite. I had regular updates which included beautiful pictures. I also received a cute care package for my girls which was packed with all sorts of goodies to help them in their transition. I was fortunate enough to actually see the grounds of  Luvabullnese, and I have to say, I was quite impressed. Lisa, with the help of her wonderful husband and son, have created an almost, little nursery for puppies waiting to find their forever families. It was very clean, her puppies were never dirty and the facility itself was set up very nicely. They have segregated areas for play and socialization as well as feeding and sleeping. After  finally bringing my girls home and let them say goodbye to their mamma Mako I continued to correspond with Lisa. She is still very interested in my girls. I still send her updates and pictures, which I love to see posted on the Luvabullnese website. Lisa is a fabulous breeder and a very warm and caring animal lover. She is an honest and trust worthy person. She is a member of the ABA circle of friends and can always be seen involved with anything Bullnese. I think that this shows her love and devotion to the breed. I would absolutely recommend Lisa to anybody looking into purchasing a Bullnese. At Luvabullnese you are sure to find healthy, breed standard, original American Bullnese, who more than anything are loved by the ones who make them. Thanks Lisa, for all that you've done and all that you continue to do. You are an asset to American Bullnese lovers and to the American Bullnese Association as a whole. Congratulations to you and your family for all the wonderful puppies you've bred and  placed with their new families. Keep up the good work because we need you!

- Submitted by Gary and Julie from Pennsylvania -
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Bullnese breed!!! We are just back to PA from picking up Stella in NC. We HIGHLY recommend Lisa as a breeder. She is so loving and kind towards her dogs. Her facility is top notch and VERY clean. We were overwhelmed with all the extras she gave us for our new puppy. Truly did not expect such generosity. All in all a very positive experience. Lisa is a true professional.

Stella is perfect in looks and temperament. I'm not surprised. She is the sixth Bullnese in our family and each one is wonderful! Four have come from Lisa.

Lisa was very patient, willing and detailed in answering any questions we had. So glad we got to meet her, all of the dogs and see her place in person.


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