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Shipping Details

If shipping is needed for a puppy then the fee for that can vary for different reasons, and it can also vary from breeder to breeder. Our fee for shipping covers the cost of the vet visit for the health certificate that the airlines require for them to fly. It also covers the pet travel carrier and the air fare. The air fare itself is basically based on fuel prices at the time, the size of the travel carrier that is used and the weight of the pet and the carrier combined. (There are regulations on what size carrier is used  with snub nose breeds.) If for whatever reason they should need to be kept or boarded overnight at an airport while in transit, then there is an additional fee that the airlines require for that as well.

Not all airports service animals so it is a good idea to provide more than one airport as choices for their final destination. Different airports tend to have different pick-up locations and requirements so more specific details and information are given once flight arrangements are made and after the flight/s have been confirmed.    

When picking one up at an airport, the receiver's name and address are needed, along with a contact number and they must have a valid photo ID. I also tell people some basic things they may want to take along with them to the airport are maybe an old towel or blanket, a collar and leash and maybe some water. That way once they have been checked out, you can take them out of the carrier and offer them some water and walk them around in the parking lot for a bit so that they can stretch and use the bathroom before putting them in the car for the ride to their new home.


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