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Pricing Information

Prices may vary from breeder to breeder, but roughly American Bullnese tend to range from $600 to $1200 with $1200 being very seldomly seen. Prices are generally based on each individual pup, according to the breed's standards and flaws, and the overall quality of the pup/degree of flaws, especially if they happen to have more than one flaw. (The sex and color of the puppy are not usually considered to be determining factors.)

For the most part average pups typically sell for around $700 to $1000, and rarely puppies will be found for less than $600, unless the breeder is just really hard pressed to find one a home, or if they have multiple flaws and are considered to be a poor quality pup  based on the breed's guide lines. (More information on the breed standards and breed flaws can be found on our Breed Description page.

Our prices are based on how our puppies appear at birth on up until the time they leave our care and since some of their qualities and structural features and/or flaws aren't present at birth or are not as easy to distinguish early on then pricing is subject to change as they grow and develop.

With their ears however, they are not factored in when pricing puppies because they can sometimes develop ear flaws even after they are several months old, but on occasion, some will develop ear flaws after they are only a few weeks old, and then of course it is taken into consideration.

Individual prices of puppies are listed and posted with their pictures when we have litters available. Our puppies can be reserved with a $200 deposit, which is non-refundable, and balances can be paid in payments, but must be paid  in full prior to them leaving our care.

* We do offer some discounts for different things but that too is based on individual pups and is done on a need to know basis.



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