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                                                           (To see pictures of our set up click on the link below.)
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All of our dogs are a big part of our family. They are all crate trained, however, they spend very little time in their crates. Personally we do not agree with keeping dogs caged up and just used for breeding purposes, that is no way for any dog to live. Our dogs are kept in their crates at night while we are sleeping and when nobody is at home, but other than that they are let out and switched out a few at a time, periodically throughout the course of the day so they have free run of the house to play and go outside as they please. On occasion, the 2 that share the master bedroom with us, are treated to sleeping in the bed with us. Sometimes too, if we're only going to be gone for a short while, we will leave them out in the house instead of putting them in their beds, if and only if, none of the girls are in heat at the time.

They all have their own separate space and we have it set up so that any females that have puppies can have an entire room of the house all to themselves for their privacy. We have a main whelping room/nursery, that use to be a half bath that my husband remodeled. Then we also have another area set up in our office and one set up in the spare bedroom, since we sometimes have multiple litters at or close to the same time. Our whelping pens have been customized to both suit and benefit the dog's needs as well as mine, and to help with the crate training process of the puppies. I also like to use a baby monitor in with any of our expecting mothers and with them and their newborn puppies for at least the first 4 to 5 nights while I'm asleep, so I can listen out and go in if need be.

We also have a play pen that we set up in the den for when the puppies get a little older to bring them out to socialize a little more with the family and to use to bring them out individually, to kind of start separating them some from their litter mates. Along about the same time we set the pen up in the den, we also like to set one up outside, so that we can start introducing them to the great outdoors.

I am very pleased with our set up and conditions. We have really put a lot of thought, effort and care into what we have and we take great pride in what we do. It is all truly family oriented.

To see pictures of our set up click on the link below.)
                                                                         Check Out Our Breeding Facility


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