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Needs and Upkeep

With the American Bullnese having relatively long backs and being fairly heavy for their size it is always best to pick one up by supporting their back and trying to distribute their body weight. They are surprisingly heavier than they appear so a child would need to be carefull and/or supervised when handling them or when trying to pick them up and really need to be shown the proper way to do so. As with any dog or pet for that matter, it is never good to allow them to get over weight but especially with them having the longer backs, and one of the best things you can do for them is to feed them a good quality, premium brand of food.

With their large round eyes and their somewhat flat faced snub noses, they should not come in contact with sharp objects nor be exposed to aggressiveness and rough play with other animals or people. Also with these features the creases on their face need to be cleaned and wiped regularly to help avoid odor and/or any risk of possible infection.

Some Bullnese may shed a little throughout the year (some more than others), and at certain times of the year they may shed a little more just like most dogs do, but it is minimal compared to lots of other breeds. They are not considered to be true shedders and by brushing them once a week it can help keep any shedding that they do have minimized.

You only need to give them a bath when it is necessary and you should keep their ears cleaned (free of mites and infections), keep them free of fleas and ticks, and keep their toenails trimmed.

Overall they are considered to be a relatively low maintenance breed of dogs. Just like all dogs they require the full series of the initial puppy vaccines, treatments for worming and getting started on heart worm and flea and tick prevention. Then of course the regular routine check-ups and boosters at your local vet-

(Your standard care procedure...Lots of Love!)


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