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Breed Description

The term "Bullnese" is often used to describe a basic hybrid mix of the cross between a French Bulldog and Pekingese however, they should not be confused with the ones affiliated with the ABA (American Bullnese Association) and Bobby Rice's breeding program in which not only were the French Bulldog and Pekingese used, but the Boston Terrier, Pug and Dachshund were also used as well.

In gradually combining a mix of the 5 breeds used in his breeding program and by carefully choosing which pups that he wanted to keep back to use for line breeding from each litter to try and achieve the look he was after, over the years his hard work and dedication paid off. But just as with most any breed, there are general guide lines used to determine breed standards as well as, breed flaws.

Flaws for the American Bullnese include - anything other than a soft smooth fold in the ears, with the most serious flaw being the erect/"bat" ears, anything other than a soft sickled tail, with the most serious flaw being the corkscrew/ spiraled/"piglet" tail, being too tall/long legged and/or having straight legs, and having any type of coat other than a short one.  

The American Bullnese should appear to be thick boned and muscular. Their legs should be firm, well shaped and formed with the forelegs being short, stumpy and slightly bowed. They should be low to the ground and have a long body that is broad at the chest with well sprung ribs, narrowing at the loin. Their coats should be thick, dense, soft and short, and can be of any color.

Their heads should be large and square, and with the stop causing a hollow groove between their eyes. The eyes are large and round. They should have well developed cheek muscles and the flews should be thick and broad hanging over the lower jaw. The neck should be thick, with loose skin at the throat. Their ears should have a soft fold and the tail should have a soft sickle shape or slight curl to it.

They should stand between 8.5 - 12 inches and their weight usually ranges between 15 - 30 pounds.  With the average dog falling midway the guide lines for both the height and the weight.

   And with the combination of all these features,
   it gives them the appearance of what I like to refer to as...

     The Little Big Dog     

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