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American Bullnese

The American Bullnese (often called Bullnese in short), were developed in the United States by a man named Robert E. Rice (Bobby), of Jacksonville Beach, Florida in a breeding program that he started in 1989.

He took the desired characteristics that he admired from several different existing pure breeds and combined them in his breeding program until he got the results he was looking for, thus the American Bullnese were born. Over the years with selective line breeding each generation continues to improve the breed as a whole.

He really did an awesome and outstanding job with the development of the American Bullnese, in getting the results of a truly terrific breed of dogs!

* That is Bobby pictured above, along with Sherman and Sadie, the first ever American Bullnese breeding pair and it was that picture of them that I had first come across when doing research that really made me fall for the breed and want to find out more about them. (I loved Sadie and my husband loved Sherman.)


There have been several guesses over the years as to what they are. They are quite often mistaken for Pugs or
Pug mixes. It was not until early 2012, that Bobby finally decided to disclose the breeds that he used in their
development with others to make it become public knowledge. (Those breeds being -  the Pekingese, the
French Bulldog, the Boston Terrier, and as well a little of the Pug. Then later down the road he also added the
Dachshund into his breeding program to aid in the future development of the American Bullnese.)

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