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After first deciding that we wanted to get a small companion to add to our family, we started researching every little indoor dog there was to find out about. By checking individual appearances, temperaments, personalities, intelligence, grooming requirements, health issues, and the needs and upkeep, and by taking it all into consideration, we then narrowed the long list down one by one.

When we stumbled across the American Bullnese which was one of the rare breeds that we had not yet heard of before, we knew that would be our first choice. We also had a second and third choice for back-up, not knowing the availability of the Bullnese breed, the cost, and other factors that were involved. (My husband had told me not to get my hopes up but I already had.) With a little time and effort our search turned out to be a success.

Being a life-long animal lover and owning and being in contact with several different breeds of dogs throughout the years, both big and small, long haired and short, and from expensive to sooners - I'd have to say that this is by far my favorite of breeds. Instantly we fell in love with the breed and knew that we wanted to do whatever we could to help the popularity of the breed become more well known to others.

We then began our search for another Bullnese with the anticipation of  wanting to start breeding them in our on home on  a small and personal level. So I decided to contact the person with the most knowledge on the breed and who would also be best qualified to help me find and make the best choices on selecting the dogs to use for breeding, Mr. Robert E. Rice himself. Then in a short period of time I started focusing on planning, putting together and creating the LUVABULLNESE website.

                                         This is Miles, our first American Bullnese and the one that made us fall in love
                                            with the breed and Cali, our first female and the start of LUVABULLNESE.


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