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About Our Pups

Our puppies have a good start in life because our adult dogs are very much loved, are well cared for and they are kept up to date on all their preventative care, k-9 annuals/well checks and any other needs that they may have. Our puppies come with the needed worming treatments, puppy exams and any vaccines that are necessary and recommended for what ever ages they are when they happen to leave us, and we don't let any of them go before they are 8 weeks of age. We provide documentation of the treatments they received along with copies of vet records. Those that need to be shipped also come with the health certificate from the vet that is required by the airlines in order for them to fly.

We feel that feeding them a good quality brand of food is also very important, and that it plays a big role in having a happy and healthier dog, which is one of the reasons why we choose to feed our puppies and dogs, Royal Canin. If you are not familiar with this food, you can check out the 
website. They have dog and cat food, breed specific foods, foods for special health issues and different dietary needs as well as a mini, medium, maxi and giant line. Since Bullnese are not a common breed and they are considered to be between a small to medium sized dog, we like to start our pups out on the Mini Puppy formula.
Then when they get to be around 10 to 11 months old and since they themselves are a type of bull breed and have a lot of the same structural features, characteristics and needs as other bull dogs, we choose to switch our dogs to the Bulldog formula.

When we have puppies available, we do updates on their progress off and on through emails to those that are interested. This includes trying to do picture updates as well, within every 2 weeks. Our puppies can be reserved with a $200 deposit, which is non-refundable and balances can be paid in payments, but must be paid in full prior to them leaving our care.

We take comfort in feeling the need to send out special care packages with each and every one of our pups to help them with the transition to their new homes, so if a puppy is being shipped to you, once the balance has been received, we will send out  his or her care package to you in the mail, which also seems to help those who are a little nervous about it all feel more at ease about things when their puppy's package arrives, especially if they have never purchased a puppy this way. You may also like to read some of our reviews from previous buyers on our
Testimonials page.

You can also find out a bit more information about how our pups are cared for in the
Our Facility section of the site,  there you can also see pictures of our nursery/whelping areas and get somewhat of a general idea of the set-up and conditions that we  have under Check Out Our Breeding Facility and if you're interested in seeing more pictures of our puppies simply visit our Photo Gallery.  
If you get a puppy from us, you will know that it comes to you
"From our home to yours with - Lots of Love!"



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