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About the Breed

With the overall features and the build that the American Bullnese have, it causes them to have a swayed walk to them and what is known as the adorable and clownish hoping run. This is indeed a very happy and clownish breed and they are quite comical, from just hearing all the different and unique sounds that they make (even when they're not asleep) due to their facial features/snub noses, to just sitting back and watching them. They can really be amusing and they are full of personality, their personalities are bigger than they are.

For the most part Bullnese are relatively inactive, however, they do enjoy playing and will all of a sudden burst out in play for no apparent reason, but they tend to tire out just as fast as they get wrought-up. Typically they are a bit more laid back and are lazier than most other small breeds of dogs. They seem to be just as content laying around as they do when playing by themselves, with toys or with others.

They enjoy a little time outside but do not need or require a big yard. They do not tolerate the heat very well, or any extreme weather conditions for that matter and should not be left outside for long periods of time and definitely should not live outdoors, however, they do get along well in places such as CA, FL, TX, ME and Canada, or anywhere that it happens to get really hot or really cold, as long as they have responsible owners.

They tend to be alert and can make good watch dogs, even though they sometimes think they are bigger and braver than what they actually are. This breed is not considered to be yappy, but of course some may bark more than others and some rarely bark at all.

This is a pretty intelligent breed and they can pick up on things fairly quickly, if one takes the time and effort to teach them. They are willing to please and like everyone else, they like to be rewarded. Early training is always best to help ensure that your dog will act and behave the way you want them to and do the things you want them to do. Overall they get along fine with children and with other pets, but like most they tend to be influenced by their environment and surroundings, so again, the amount of socialization and training that they receive (especially at an early age), will play a key part in how they do and interact with others. Yet on the same note, children as well, have to be tought or trained on how to act with pets.

* I have found over the past few years that quite a few people that I have talked with, that either have or have had an American Bullnese end up wanting to get another one, and I myself have had several repeat buyers, which I think truly says a lot about the breed as a whole.

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